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Mystery Shopper – Gold Buying Websites


All that glitters ......

All that glitters might not be gold. However, if it is, there are a whole host of companies on the internet offering to buy it from you. Be aware though that, if you want to sell it for a fair price, and avoid having the shine taken off the deal, choosing the right gold-buyer should be important to you.

To help you, take a look at the results of our research, and prepare yourself for a surprise or two.



I assume that if you are reading this article you are likely to either have one or more gold items that you are considering selling. If not, perhaps you run a gold-buying service and are interested to see how we think you are doing.

Perhaps, like me a few weeks ago, you know little about the gold-selling process and want to ensure that you get as much money as you can for those gold items. If, unlike me, you are in the gold-buying business, listen up. I hope that both groups can learn from my experience.

This is an article about my experience of selling gold to a number of the prominent gold-buying websites that inhabit cyberspace. Keep reading to learn the results of this research and my suggestions for ensuring that you receive a fair deal.

I hope that it will illustrate the value in the existence of this type of website. Most importantly, though, I hope that by publishing an honest account of my experience, it will help you to get the best possible price for your gold.


My research - What I did

Let me start out by saying that I would not consider this exercise to be a scientific or extensive appraisal of the many companies that make up the gold-buying market. However, I believe you will come to see that what I discovered as a result of this piece of research goes to illustrate a number of interesting factors worth knowing about this crowded, competitive market place. These are factors that you would be advised to take on board if you want a fair deal.

It might not be a scientific appraisal, but remember that at the end of the day, this isn’t rocket science. I think it is safe for me to assume that your priority, if you are selling gold items, is to achieve the best price for that gold. That is exactly what I was focusing on while doing with this exercise.

I guess if you are a gold-buyer, your priorities are somewhat different and probably more focused on making a profit.

Quite simply, I did the following.

1.       I took a bunch of random gold items of known quality and accurately weighed them.

2.       Using the published spot price of gold, I got an idea of the approximate value of these gold articles.

3.       I requested gold packs and I sent my gold items off to a selection of the many gold‑buying companies that inhabit the internet.

4.       I repeated this for a number of different gold-buying companies.


5.       I sat back to see what happened, before publishing my findings.


This research seeks to answer the question of which of this sample of gold-buying companies are going to pay you a fair price for your gold items. Sure, a pleasant experience, a helpful website and a slick process can all help. However, at the end of the day, isn’t it all about getting the maximum money possible in return for your gold items? Read the results of my research here



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