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What the research has shown me and my suggestions to you


I was pleased to be able to carry out this research as my small contribution to helping people achieve a fair price for their gold items when they choose to sell them. So what did I learn and what can I suggest to make sure you get a fair price for the items you are selling?

1. Comparison sites,  are extremely valuable. The extraordinary variance in the offers I received, clearly illustrate the fact that some companies are prepared to pay significantly more money for your gold items than others.

2. Take responsibility and do your research. Don’t accept that these companies have your best interests in mind. Try and find out what price you can expect by knowing what it is you are selling and calculating its approximate scrap value.

3. Don’t believe all the hype on the website. Treat testimonials at face value. Don’t assume that just because a person was happy with the service that they received a fair price for their precious metal.

4. Be prepared to reject initial offers. When I rejected their initial and sometimes subsequent offers, all but one of these companies increased their offer without the need for me to haggle.